Season Five To Be The End Of Californication?

Tom Kapinos, creator of the hit show Californication about fictional writer Hank Moody, has said that the show’s next season – its fifth – could potentially be the last.

“I feel like it’s really either going to [end at] season five or… season six,â€? he said. “That feels like the right amount of time for this premise. I feel like we’ve gotten a great run out of it.â€?

“That said, if people still want to see the show, and if the network still wants to do the show, I’ll figure out a way to do it.â€?

But he also teased the show’s fifth season by giving an insight into what Hank Moody will be doing: “Hank [will be] living in New York. He’s written a successful book about his dirty life and times in L.A., and he ends up going back to L.A. on business for what he thinks is going to be a very quick trip. And he ends up staying a lot longer than he would like.â€?

Season five sounds both intriguing and a lot like Hank has learned absolutely nothing from his previous experiences. So just like seasons one to four, then.