Sebastian Koch To Play Villain In New Die Hard?

Final pieces are coming together for the new Die Hard  – A Good Day To Die Hard, with John Moore settling back into the director’s chair.  Everyone’s favourite vest wearing action hero John McClane is obviously still in the picture and Fox have Jai Courtney down to play John McClane Jr.

Now, all eyes are turning to the villain of the piece and it looks like we might be getting a two for one deal with Sebastian Koch and Yulia Snigir signing on the dotted line as characters called Komorov and Irina respectively.  While there’s no detail on exact what they’re up to Variety reports that both roles are reportedly “villainous in nature”.  Villainous poisoining the water supply villainous?  Or villainous James Murdoch villainous?

The plot will see McClane team up with his estranged son Jack in Moscow to stop a plot that threatens the whole world.  That’s a long way from all the crawling around in air vents that McClane did in 1988..

Sebastian Koch is best known for The Lives Of Others (which is bloody brilliant by the way) and Black Book.  Snigir’s been in several Russian films but this will be her international debut.  Skip Woods is the man behind the script, something that might cause a little consternation among fans given that he was behind X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the rahter lacklustre big screen version of The A-Team.

Either way, good or bad, it’ll be out on Valentine’s Day next year.