Series Three of Sherlock To Contain ‘Speckled Band’?

Sherlock show-runner Steven Moffat has explained that ‘The Case of The Speckled Band’ – a short story in which Holmes and Watson travel to a country house to solve a mysterious murder – is one of his favourite Holmesian adventures, suggesting that it might get the BBC treatment in the highly-anticipated third series.

“When I was a kid ‘The Speckled Band’ was a revelation,” said Moffat in an interview with Radio Times. “I didn’t know fiction could be that fun. It makes absolutely no sense, but it’s absolutely brilliant. Hero moments, deductions, a fantastic villain, a great murder.”

But he moved quickly to explain that no decisions have been made at this early stage by adding. “I’m not saying we’re going to do it! I’m just saying I like it..”

“Surely you must have learned not to predict us. We deliberately lie and we deliberately confuse in order to keep you in the dark about our intentions,” he went on.

Make of that what you will. We’re pretty sure Sherlock would consider it a clue..

When asked about when the show will be returning to our screens, Moffat made it clear that they would not be rushed..

“When will the next episodes arrive? Not until we can make them great,” he explained. “The audience are going to have to get used to a bit of starvation. That’s because we’re making movies, you can’t factory produce these episodes. So when we’re good and ready – it won’t be that long. But we’ll make you wait and tease you..”

He also moved to cool quiet rumours that Cumberbatch would be returning this year at some point by sidestepping a question on whether Sherlock could appear on Christmas Day after Doctor Who.

Speaking of last weekend’s series two finale, he explained why he and Mark Gattiss didn’t reveal the third series until after the episode. “We knew we were doing the Final Problem, but we didn’t want the audience to know that Sherlock survived. We wanted that final shot to have an impact so we didn’t announce that we had a third series in the bag.”