Serkis & McKellen Finally Join Hobbit

precious...300We’ve had this news story written and waiting to go for about six months now, but we can finally unleash it upon the world this morning..

Ringers rejoice! Andy Serkis and Ian McKellen have finally signed up to reprise the roles of Gollum and Gandalf respectively.

Safe in the knowledge that fans would go orcing mental if they weren’t included in the Middle-Earth prequel, Serkis and McKellen had refused to commit to the project before the financial problems which had beset it were sorted. But Deadline reports that they have joined Elijah Wood in returning to the JRR Tolkien adaptation this morning.

Last year’s news that Peter Jackson will return to helm the double-hander will also have pleased the actors, who will have large parts to play in the upcoming saga.

The Hobbit is due to start filming in New Zealand next month. Hurrah and Huzzah!