Sex Tape Shame Forces Tulisa To Flee

Despite a brave rebuttal from Tulisa Contastavlos in the wake of THAT sex tape scandal – the X-Factor judge is reportedly fleeing the country out of sheer embarrassment.

A source told The Daily Star: “It has been the worst period of Tulisa’s life. She can’t face going outside.â€?

The 23-year-old reportedly attended the gig of friend Drake on Monday, but was forced to leave after she felt too embarrassed about everyone having seen the x-rated video. “The Drake gig on Monday night was a real struggle for her as she thinks everyone is laughing at herâ€?, the source added.

According to reports Tulisa has decided to lay low in America where she is relatively unknown, presumably in an effort let the whole sordid affair blow over.

In a brave effort to tell her “side of the story” Tulisa posted a response to the sex tape last week, in which she claimed ex-boyfriend MC Ultra, real name Justin Edwards, had leaked the video. She told fans: “When you share an intimate moment with someone that you love, you care about and you trust, you never imagine for one minute that that footage may at any point be shared with the rest of the UK or the rest of the people around the world.â€?

The X-Factor judge had faced criticism from members of the public who dubbed her a “slutâ€? for her part in the internet video. Fellow Brit rapper, Dizzee Rascal, has also remarked on the star’s “performanceâ€? in the sex tape. He tweeted: â€?Just watched the Tulisa video i like her more… Definitely buying the album!â€?

Speaking to the Metro he stated that it was more entertaining than her latest music video: “Yeah I found it entertaining. Well can I ask you a question – which one did you prefer?â€?

Earlier this week, former boyfriend Edwards appeared in court over the video, where he denied leaking the tape and said he was ‘disgusted’ by claims to the contrary.

He told the court: “I am disgusted it has been, and regret ever allowing the claimant to persuade me that we should film ourselves.

“Simply because I would find it ungentlemanly. I was brought up better than that. I simply do not, and never have, possessed the film referred to.â€?

Which begs the question: If that is not his…hand…in the video, whose is it?