Sexism, Shmexism: ‘We’ll Take You!’ Say Al Jazeera

Every cloud eh? Sexism row victims/villains [delete as appropriate] Richard Keys and Andy Gray may have said ta-ra to their Sky careers, but the pair are moving along nicely thank you very much, with proposals that they be snapped up by Al Jazeera.

According to The Mirror, the Arab channel are slightly more laid back it seems when it comes to sexism slurs, as they are offering big bucks to compete with the duo’s previous seven-figure Sky salaries.

What’s even more handy, is the fact that Keys was due in Quatar today to discuss the offer, where local custom guarantees a woman-free football environment. Problem solved!

Meanwhile, yesterday Keys’s wife Julia appeared to be launching into a backup plan should she find herself as the main breadwinner. In a heart-rending speech which should surely have her instated as The Sun’s resident pun writer with immediate effect, she told reporters outside their home:

“Sorry if this sounds a bit punny but I think Sky have been significantly offside in the way they handled it. I think the wrong two were given the red card.â€?