Shabby Quits Big Brother

Where were you when Shabby walked out of Big Brother? Well if you’re anything like us, chances are you were trying to fish crumbs out of your keyboard in a post-lunch malaise. What’s that? You leave the office for lunch? Well lucky you..

Yes folks, eye-line gilded, hat-loving Big Brother housemate Shabby has decided to leave the reality show this afternoon, less than a day after being persuaded to stay by Channel 4 execs who are now probably sh*tting themselves at the prospect of losing their most annoying (and therefore most entertaining) contestant.

Early reports suggest that Shabby left the house through the Diary Room at 15.10 without even bothering to say goodbye to her fellow housemates. This doesn’t come as a massive surprise when you consider how often she argued with and insulted them.

However, real BB afficianados will realise that the real story is the fact that Shabby’s ‘close friend’ and long-time conspirator Caoimhe has decided to stay in the house despite saying that she would leave with the faux-squatter last night..