Shahi ‘Curious’ About Fairly Legal Changes

Fairly Legal star Sarah Shahi has said she’s ‘curious’ about changes that will be made to her show after it was renewed for a second season.

USA renewed the show earlier this week, but reports suggest that executives are planning to make some changes before it comes back to screens.

“I read about that just like everyone else, and I’m very curious to see what that means,â€? she told TV Line. “I’m trying to pick my moments with [network co-president] Jeff Wachtel to bring that one up.â€?

“There were some things in the first season that we could have done better,â€? she admitted.

“My hope is that all the good stuff will be heightened – that the comedic stuff is even funnier, the dramatic stuff is deeper, and the storylines are stronger,â€? she said. “That’s if I have anything to do with it – and I hope I do a little bit, at least!â€?

OTB recently caught up with Sarah Shahi for a chat, and you can read the interview here.