Sharlto Copley For Open Grave & Oldboy

No, Sharlto Copley hasn’t offended the mob for the last time…but he will be thrown into one against his will for his latest film Open Grave, directed by Apollo 18 helmer Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego.

Copley will play a man who wakes up in a pit of rotting bodies with no memory of how he got there. When he starts having flashbacks of himself murdering people, he starts to believe he’s the killer. Shooting begins in Hungary later this month.

Copley has also nailed down his deal to play the villain in Spike Lee and Mark Protosevich’s remake of Oldboy. He’ll play Adrian Price, a billionaire intent on destroying the life of Joe Douchett (Josh Brolin). Great name there by the way. Douchett. That might become the office insult for the day. Anyway, Price imprisons Douchett for 15 years without explaining why and then unexpectedly releases him and threatens to kill Elizabeth Olsen if he can’t figure out why.

It’s been a long time coming with Will Smith, Christian Bale and Colin Firth all attached at one point or another but it seems like it’s all coming together now with Lee planning to kick off shooting in September.

Some big shoes to fill there though – Oldboy is extremely highly regarded and needs an English language remake like a fish needs a bicycle.  It also features one of the best fight scenes of all time – check it out.