Shaun Ryder Gets UFO Show On History Channel

Mondays are about to get even happier for Shaun Ryder. The slack-jawed singer from 90s Brit-pop sensation, Happy Mondays, will be presenting a new show which looks for signs of extra-terrestrial life.

And no, this has nothing to do with Ryder’s with former band member, dancer and “percussionistâ€? – Bez. Apparently, the singer has a secret obsession with UFO’s after an encounter as a youngster where he saw unidentified flying objects.

In an interview with Q magazine, Ryder said: “I’ve seen a couple of things which defy explanation. “They were not craft from this planetâ€?.

Ryder who became popular with viewers during his stint in the jungle with I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here last year, battled with substance addiction throughout the 80s and 90s. Not that this has anything to do with his view on aliens. The TV–based search will begin in Manchester, where he believes there is a wormhole that cuts through space and time, before heading off to visit Peru, Chile and Australia.

A TV source told The Sun: “He’ll try to separate fact from fiction and meet odd characters, some of whom make him look sane. It will be revelatory but funny.”

The new eight-part series, Shaun Ryder On UFOs, will broadcast on The History Channel.