Sheen ‘Destroyed’ As Two And A Half Men Sign Kutcher

If you haven’t heard of Charlie Sheen’s sword-waving, buzz-word spouting, public meltdown and axe from his multi-million paycheque garnering gig on the US’s favourite sitcom Two and A Half Men, then you’ve obviously not been winning much recently.

Whilst Sheen continues to drag his hit-and-miss live tour from city-to-city Stateside, any chance of a reunion with the other one-and-a-half men have been dashed after Ashton Kutcher was snapped up to replace him. Sheen is apparently ‘destroyed’ by the news, a source close to the troubled star has revealed.

“He really thought he would be invited back. After years of suffering no consequences for his behaviour, why would he think anything else?â€? the unnamed source told to PopEater. “Finally it has sunk in that he doesn’t live by different rules to everyone else.â€?

Kutcher and Sheen are known for their playboy personalities, both trading on them in their professional career in roles that use this public perception of their actions to their advantage.

Kutcher, with a slew of comedy credits to his name, seems a suitable replacement for the show, even if his wild boy antics are not quite in the same league as his predecessor – Punk-ing Hilary Duff doesn’t even come close.

But despite being ‘destroyed’, the Warlock continues to add new dates to his live tour currently careering through bad reviews and courting controversy across the United States. With no signs of a let up in the Sheen saga anytime soon though, the troubled star seems destined to rack up the column inches for some time to come.