‘Sheen’s Korner’ Hits the Web

Charlie Sheen gave the world an early Christmas present this weekend as he launched his own internet TV Show entitled, Sheen’s Korner,(it’s cool because he replaced the C with a K) where he rambled on about his love-life and entertained up to 116,000 viewers. What a loving, generous man.

Broadcasting on the internet on the 5th March, it opened with the catchy tag-line of “You’re either in Sheen’s corner or you’re with the trolls,” and included mindless conversations with friends – yes, he has friends outside the drug addled voices in his head – frolicking with girlfriend Natalie Kenly, and various segments such as; “Winning News”, “Kind of Wish I Was Like Them for 10 Minutes” and, “Wish They Were Like Me Forever”. I think it is safe to say we’d all definitely rather be with the trolls on this occasion.

Other stand-out moments in the warping dimension of Sheen’s Korner included the celebrity reading from his collection of published poetry and the baring of his new tattoo, the word winning, which has been his favourite word during his war waged against the creators of the cancelled 8th season of hit TV show, Two and a Half Men, which he starred in.

Enjoying the sound of his own voice to such an extent, the Sheen has told ‘fans’ he’d like to put on another performance of Sheen’s Korner, with it becoming a weekly event.

I’m sure we can all join together in enthusiastic hope that these weekly plans continue; I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Sheen’s Korner DVD box set at some point in the near future.