Sheen’s Two And Half Men Character To Drive Off Cliff?

It’s officially the end of the road for Charlie Sheen’s character in Two and A Half Men, with producers of the US hit show set to kill of the troubled actors’ on screen persona so that he can never return.

Whilst it’s not clear yet exactly how he will meet his end, the idea has been mooted that Charlie Harper will die after driving his car off a cliff.

Following this, the screen will turn dark for a few seconds, before Harper’s brother Alan, played by Jon Cryer, and nephew Jake (Angus T. Jones), learn of his death in the first episode of the upcoming new series.

Much has been made of Sheen’s dramatic fall from grace, being sacked from a show earlier this year where he earned $1.2m per episode following a massive binge on drugs, alcohol and prostitutes, not to mention having a weird obsession with Tiger blood.

Ashton Kutcher is set to enter the frame to replace Charlie Harper’s on screen presence, with US reports suggest that he enters the sitcom after buying Harper’s old house.

However, despite the show producer’s best intentions, anyone who’s ever seen Neighbours or Dallas will know that death is not always the end for on screen characters. Could we yet see a rehabilitated Charlie return in 5 years suffering memory loss after floating out onto a desert island and working as a hula girl?