Shekahr Kapur To Direct Amis’s London Fields

The work of Martin Amis, one of England’s most successful contemporary authors, has always been popular fodder for filmmakers, but somehow his adaptations have had a hard time finding the big screen. His novels The Rachel Papers and Dead Babies made it to the cinema but without much acclaim and Money was turned into a two-part TV drama last year. Now, director Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age) will be hoping for more success with his upcoming adaptation of London Fields.

The 1989 novel is narrated by American writer Samson Young, who comes to the capital and becomes terminally ill. After suffering from 20 years of writer’s block, he stumbles upon the story of a psychic investigating her own impending murder.

Tartan Films and Muse Productions jointly acquired the rights to the adaptation back in 2000, but it has struggled to make the big screen. Originally, David Cronenberg was supposed to direct, but was replaced by David Mackenzie, who was then replaced by Michael Winterbottom. Kapur is the most recent director attached, and he seems the most likely to see the project through. As he told The Hollywood Reporter, “I am looking forward to this project because I have never directed a murder mystery before.”

No schedule has been released for filming yet and things probably won’t move forward until Kapur is finished with his current projects. The director is now in pre-production for Paani, which is set in a futuristic Mumbai where water separates the rich and poor. Also in pre-production is a biography of George Mallory, an explorer obsessed with scaling Mt. Everest, and we can expect a third Elizabeth installment from Kapur well.