“Sherlock Is Cheeky Entertainment” Says BBC Boss After Nudity Complaints

BBC controller of drama commissioning Ben Stephens has brushed off complaints regarding a nude scene in the New Year’s Day episode of Sherlock by claiming that they “thought very carefully” about including the footage and decided to go ahead because the show is “cheeky entertainment”. We assume that no pun was intended..

Around 100 people complained about the scene, in which Irene Adler appeared naked. Laura Pulver, whose body was the subject of all the furore explained that she “sorted of expected” there to be complaints. Adler introduced herself in the buff in a bid to stop Holmes from garnering any information about her from her attire, a move that left the detective intrigued.

Yet thanks to some carefully placed limbs, viewers didn’t see any of the best stuff. “We thought about it very carefully, we had lots of conversations about it. Just because it’s pre-watershed doesn’t mean it has to be dull. You actually saw more of Benedict Cumberbatch than Lara. Sherlock is cheeky entertainment that takes risks like having text on screen.”

He also pointed out that although all complaints are taken seriously, with 10 million people watching the show, 100 complaints wasn’t too bad.

Stephenson also went on to explain that Sherlock wouldn’t be returning this year and explained that the nature of the show meant that a quick turnaround was impossible. Fans were kept waiting for 18 months between the first and second series, but the Beeb are keeping tight-lipped on when Cumberbatch & Co might return.