“Sherlock Not Going To Disappear..” Benedict C*mberbatch

Benedict C*mberbatch has got more on his plate than a spinster at a wedding at the moment, but as the offers continue to stream in the actor has explained that he’ll be playing Steven Moffat’s Sherlock for a few years yet.

“It’s something I’m not going to give up on,” he told TVLine. “I love it too much. It’s hard work, but it’s so rewarding and such a lovely bunch of people who do it.

“We love our fans and we love what it’s created. It’s an incredible thing to be part of and it doesn’t happen that often. Don’t worry, it’s not going to disappear.”

We’ll soon be seeing C*mberbatch in Star Trek 2 and hearing him in The Hobbit, but he reckons that he’d like to play the Baker Street sleuth for years and years to come.

“We only do three episodes at a time, so I think the normal fear of over-stretching the mark and just doing too many doesn’t apply,” he explained.

“I’d like to see Sherlock getting older. We’re starting quite young. It’s rare to see Holmes and Watson at the beginning of their relationship; we usually join them in their mid-to-late 40s or 50s. I’ve got a way to go. I mean, I’m only 35.”

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