Shia LaBeouf In Bar Brawl After Fan Makes Gay Slur

shia_laboeuf_paper-cup_coffeeYou’re not a bona-fide Hollywood actor it seems, until you’ve been involved in some public fracas of sorts. And so it is with pride and honour (ok, not really; we of course don’t condone violence) that we can reveal that the latest actor to join the “I’m a tortured artist, leave me alone” club is Shia LaBeouf, who got into a bit of a scuffle and was handcuffed by police after refusing to have his picture taken with a fan.

Admittedly, said fan didn’t do himself much justice when he responded by calling Shia a ‘faggot’.

The star of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps had earlier refused to pose for a picture with Mark Mastro at the Mad Bull’s Tavern in California.

Mastro told Radar Online: “I wanted to get a picture with him so I went over to his table, sat down next to him, and told him I was a fan of his.

“I called him Mr. LeBeouf. He didn’t want anything to do with me. He said he just wanted to chill and refused to do a photo. I walked away.”

He added: “My friend said, ‘What’s up, Shia?’ Shia told him: “Get the f*** out of my way.” He was slurring his words. That’s when I said to my buddy, ‘Don’t worry, he’s just a f***ing faggot’”.

According to eye witness Mikey Dee, “the guy was laughing at Shia and called Shia ‘a f**king fagot’. Shia shot back that he was going to ‘kick is f**king ass’.

“Shia then lunged but the other guy got the first punch in. He hit Shia hard in the face and split his lip” he said.

LaBeouf allegedly lunged at Mr Mastro but was grabbed by a bouncer and handcuffed by nearby police.

And there’s us thinking he at least got a punch in – a disappointing show Shia. Still a long way off from Russell Crow notoriety…