Shia LaBeouf On For Necessary Death

I had to blink a few times when I saw that headline.  Had my sarcrifices to the dark gods finally been answered?

Sadly not, so I’ll have to go back to performing blood rituals in my garage.  The Transformers star is instead resuming a project that he put on hold a few years ago – The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman.

The script is by Matt Drake who also wrote the screenplay for the forthcoming Project X.  It’ll see Labeouf as a guy who heads to Budapest for some time out after his mother dies of cancer.  He meets a mysterious Hungarian girl and falls for her only to find that she’s the squeeze of a European Mafia boss who doesn’t take too kindly to him messing around with his girl.  Former ad director Fredrik Bond will be making his feature debut.

LaBeouf was originally down to star back in 2010 for Mandate Pictures.  Scheduling problems put the project on hold and Mandate almost went with Zac Efron instead.  But now LaBeouf’s back and Bona Fide Productions is teaming up with Voltage Productions to make it.  Unsurprisingly Voltage were also behind The Company You Keep, which LaBeouf also stars in, so it’s clear they think they’ve found a bankable star.

“After our fantastic experience collaborating with Shia on The Company You Keep, I jumped at the idea of working with him again on Charlie Countryman,” said Voltage’s Craig J Flores. “The spark in this amazing script, mixed with Shia’s pure talent and Fredrik’s masterful ability to create an elevated love story we just can’t get enough of – will redefine pulp romance.”