Simon Cowell As ‘The Voice Of God’ For X Factor UK?

Give this man an ego boost!

Simon Cowell is set to make an The X Factor UK comeback – through the medium of Skype.

Despite being unable to grace the UK stage personally because of US commitments, The Sun reports that his booming voice will be streamed into the studio as “the voice of Godâ€? in the 2012 series.

The desperate attempt to claw back ratings for the UK talent search is thought to have been prompted by Cowell’s recent Britain’s Got Talent ratings defeat at the hands of BBC show, The Voice UK. An insider said: “This is serious now for Simon. BGT losing out to The Voice is one thing, but he’s terrified this is going to have negative repercussions for The X Factor.

“All options are being considered and having him as the Voice of God is one of them. He quite likes the idea.”

Simon Cowell equated to an omniscient decider of fate and fortune? Surely he is cringing at the idea…

If the plan comes to fruition, it would see his Godliness being called upon only when the UK judges are unable to reach a final decision on who should be booted off. The official X Factor camp, however, is still holding all its glitzy cards close to its chest. An X Factor spokeswoman said: “Simon is closely involved with the show and its direction. Ideas for the new series are still being discussed.”

The success of The Voice UK and its “niceâ€? approach to talent show judging…we mean coaching…is apparently making Cowell consider dropping his “Mr Nastyâ€? guise altogether.

A source told The Sun last week: “Simon always learns lessons. He will be seriously considering whether he has to be nicer to contestants. He has softened his Mr Nasty image over the years. But maybe now he needs to turn fully into Mr Nice. It’s clear viewers are starting to get a taste for more positive shows.

“The big fear is that viewers will start seeing The Voice as the leading singing show. That would mean the best singers flocking to apply to it instead of The X Factor – and these shows live or die on their talent.”

Shall we call it divine intervention courtesy of Tom Jones and co.?

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