“Simon Cowell To Blame For Get Rich Quick Britain” Says His Brother

There are lots of things we blame Simon Cowell for: Jedward, Louis Walsh, the rise of the open-necked shirt, the list is endless. But his brother has revealed that along with all that, his older sibling is also responsible for the ‘Get rich quick’ attitude that is sweeping Britain and subsequently, the state of the economy in general.

Nicholas Cowell, who is two years younger than Simon, told The Evening Standard that although his brother “works hard” and praised his “brilliant achievement” in the world of TV, he has changed the world by contributing to the laziness and materialistic nature of our society. Strong stuff.

Cowell Junior is a successful businessman in his own right (he bought his first property when he was 20 and his company, The Estate Office, recently paid £17million for the 70-room, five-star Verta hotel and spa in Battersea) but he laments the state of British youth in an interview with the London daily tomorrow.

“These days, partly due to my brother, everyone wants to get rich quick,” he said. “The world is a different place from when we were growing up. There was never this thought that you had to be successful or make millions of pounds to be happy.”

“I wouldn’t compare my success with his. He is very successful. I’m okay,” he continued with modesty, after explaining that he lives in a £2.5 million house near Chelsea.