Simply Red-Faced as Hucknall Rejected By The Beeb

Mick Hucknall has revealed that he tried to launch a talent show on the BBC, but the troubled broadcaster turned it down in favour of The Voice.

The Simply Red singer approached the BBC a year ago with a plan for finding “the next David Bowie, the next Freddie Mercury, the next Lennon and McCartney,â€? according to an interview with the Daily Express.

“They rejected it and went for The Voice instead, which to me was another version of the X Factor because it’s not about creative artists.â€?

Hucknall went on to call for the BBC to “devise a programme to find the next Elton or the next Mick Hucknall.â€?

Hucknall’s second studio album since leaving Simply Red, American Soul, is out on October 29th.