Sin City 2 Scheduled For Summer Production

Plans for Sin City 2 are now firmer than ever after director Robert Rodriguez announced that shooting will begin this summer.

Rodriguez still has Machete sequel, Machete Kills, to finish but he’s not bothered about having a rammed schedule. Nope, not a jot.In fact, he loves it more than his green screen studio and Elijah Wood in monochrome.

“You work on a number of projects, and then everything eventually bottlenecks,” says Rod. “You develop a number of films simultaneously, and then maybe one will go.

“This time it just happens that everything got announced at the same time. We’ll probably be editing Machete while we shoot Sin City. It’ll be summer and it’ll be hot, so it’ll be nice and cool inside with all the green screens.”

He also confirmed what’s already been widely reported: that the film will be based on A Dame To Kill For, and on two stories peened by the noir comic creator, Frank Miller, who inspired the first film.

“You won’t find those in a book. Those will be surprises”, teases Rod.

Empire reckons that one of those stories is called The Long Bad Night, but the third has yet to be revealed.

William Monahan (The Departed) is rumoured to be giving the screenplay an final check but there’s no announced cast yet.

A Dame To Kill For once again involves Marv, which might indicate that talks are at least underway with Mickey Rourke.

This is not the first time that plans for SC2 shooting have surfaced and it will be a case of watching this space while we watch theirs.