Skins: Stars’ Parents Struggle With Racy Scenes

"I gave it my best shot"
Season 6 of Skins is nearly upon us and, having already watched the action-packed first episode, we can guarantee that there is plenty more sex, drugs and drum + bass in store for loyal fans.

But Will Merrick (aka Alo) has revealed that his mum finds it tricky to deal with some of his more “intimateâ€? scenes.

Speaking at the launch of season 6, he said: “My mum watched my webisode last night and there’s a bit of wanking in it.

“It’s so funny. The noise that they use – you know when someone gets their cheek and goes [*emulates relevant noise*]…they’ve used that noise for comic effect.

“So my mum turned to me and said, “It doesn’t really make that noise does it, William?â€?. And I was like, “No mum, I think you’re right there.â€?

Will also spoke about how he finds it difficult to prepare for such potentially embarrassing scenes involving his hand and…well, you know.

He added: “I don’t know if you can prepare for it. You just have to rock up and as long as you believe it, it’s fine.

“But that scene was pretty Alo so I was like, it’s funny and it’s him – so I just gave it my best shot.â€?

Season 6 of the popular E4 series will burst back onto our screens later this month and it promises to be “incredibly excitingâ€? and even more extreme according to episode one director, Jack Clough.

Fellow Skins gang member, Alex Arnold (who plays metal-head, Rich) says his parents are not really bothered by any sexy on-screen antics. “They’re pretty happy about it really cos it’s quite a big show. My parents are pretty easy going about all the scenes and stuff.â€?

But by the sounds of things (and the grin on Alex’s face) Rich’s sex life is about to hot up even more. The young actor has confirmed that he, “will not be watching the programme with the parents this yearâ€?.

Skins starts on January 23rd at 10pm on E4. Cannae wait.