Skins To End As Creator Quits?

Remember Skins? You know, the hedonistic, sex-addled, drug-fuelled, angst-ridden teen drama where the characters get up to all the things their parents probably did in the ‘70s but don’t enjoy any of it because this is the 21st century and being miserable and young go together better than ‘heroin’ and ‘overdose’? Of course you do. Well the show might be nearing an end after creator Jamie Brittain has quit.

Brittain, who started the show in 2007, announced on Friday that he was leaving, saying: “I’ve just said everything I wanted to say. It’s time for new writers to come forward and portray their truth about teenagers.â€?

“I’m really sad to leave, but I’m confident that the writing and production team I’ve left behind will do an awesome job.â€?

Series 6 of the show will go ahead, as it had already been commissioned, but whether it will have a future after that is unclear.

One thing is for sure, any ‘truth’ about teenagers that Skins has revealed are probably truths in the Richard Nixon sense – as opposed to facts.