SKY Commission Second Series Of Mad Dogs

Sky have confirmed that Mad Dogs, which stars John Simm, Marc Warren, Philip Glenister and Max Beesley will return for a second series and also suggested that the cast have signed up for a potential third outing if the drama continues to be a success.

The first series was a ratings hit for Sky1 back in February, picking up a BAFTA nomination for best ‘Drama Serial’ along the way.

The second series will pick up from the end of the first, with the characters helping their friend Quinn in Majorca. However the guys get embroiled in another murder and drug-money incident.

Exec producer Andy Harries said: “Mad Dogs had such an impact that it was as obvious as a dead goat that we had to do more and all theamazing cast felt the same. This time it all goes pear shaped in Ibiza!”

Fellow exec Suzanne Mackie added: “Before we had finished the first series of Mad Dogs we felt that there was so much more to do with these characters. I have been working with Cris Cole on the scripts ever since we finished shooting series one and the ideas for series two and three are every bit as explosive and inventive as they were at the beginning.”

Filming for the four-parter will start this summer in Majorca and Ibiza and the show will air in early 2012.