Sky Living To Broadcast Jade Goody Tribute

Sky Living is set to air a new documentary about Jade Goody, with a focus on her battle against cervical cancer. Jade’s Legacy: The Fight Goes On is to be broadcast on June 7th, three years after she succumbed to the disease.

The first documentary from producer Cat Lawson, who’s previous experience includes episodes of Come Dine With Me and The X Factor, the programme takes a change in direction from Jade Goody’s previous press coverage, paying attention not to her life and reality star status, but instead the aftermath of her death, and it’s effect on the awareness of cervical cancer.

The press attention surrounding Goody’s condition and death has been linked to an increase in the cervical cancer screening rates, however despite that, deaths from cervical cancer have increased. The aim of the program appears not so much to be a Jade Goody documentary with a side of cancer awareness, but rather vice versa.

Favourite of the Paparazzi, and alleged victim of The News Of The World’s phone hacking, and whilst she did pander to the press, Jade’s Legacy could be a welcome change from the traditional showbiz coverage which has dominated most of Jade’s adult life.

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