Sky Movies Buy Up Rights To Bond Back Catalogue

Staunch feminist and lethal secret agent James Bond will no longer be appearing on terrestrial television as news filters through that Sky Movies have bought the rights to 007’s film catalogue, after over 35 years with ITV.

The irony of a the iconic spymaster shacking up with Rupert ‘Blofeld’ Murdoch, the closest thing we have in this country to a Bond villain, will not be lost on his fans.

The deal will include all 22 movies in the franchise and will will come into play this October – to coincide with Bond’s 50th anniversary – after Sky struck a deal with MGM to play all the movies in HD and without adverts.

Sky have had the rights to show Bond TV Premieres since the nineties, but ITV retained the right to show old Bond movies, in a deal which stretched back to 1975, when they aired Dr No for the first time. The length of the deal has not been disclosed.

“We are simply delighted to have secured the Bond films for our customers,” said Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies. “Everything about these films is iconic – whether it’s the cars, the gadgets or the catchphrases. They’ve become hugely significant culturally demonstrating the best of British film.”