Sky Sign Up Kiefer Sutherland’s New Drama ‘Touch’

Sky One have proudly announced that that they will be airing Kiefer Sutherland’s new show Touch in March. The drama comes from the mind of Heroes creator, Trim King. Let’s hope the people who wrote the last few series of his last sci-fi offering are nowhere near this thing.

The show will tell the story of widower Martin Bohm and his mute son Jake. His son’s condition makes the relationship between the pair fraught, until Martin begins to realise a previously unknown aspect to Jake’s personality; the ability to see meaning in unrelated events. Martin begins to decipher his son’s messages in a bid to help the people involved.

Touch also stars Danny Glover and British actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw (who Doctor Who fans might recognise).

Director of Sky1, Stuart Murphy said: “Touch is right up there in terms of creative ambition and really delivers on our promise of new, unmissable and exclusive content.”