Slash To Begin Production On First Horror Film

slashbigGuns N’ Roses legend Slash is swapping his ‘Appetite For Destruction’ (see what I did there?) with an appetite for horror films. Slash’s horror film production company, cleverly entitled Slasher Films (yes, he too is a fan of word play) will go into production later this year with its first film Nothing To Fear, a “really well-written demon story”.

Slash told Entertainment Weekly that he hopes to bring back horror movies with some “depth”, explaining: “I was raised on really great horror movies. But sophisticated, dramatic horror movies died out in the late ’80s, and now I’ve sort of lost interest in going out and seeing horror movies because they’re usually gore movies and they’re not very creative.

“It’s all about the sensationalism and shock value. What I want to do is bring back character-driven, dramatic, intelligent, humorous horror movies,” he added.