‘Slience’ To Be Scorsese’s Next Project

Speaking on Radio 5 this week, Martin Scorsese revealed that he is planning on going forward with an adaptation of the Japanese historical novel Silence, originally written by Shusaku Endo.

“I’m hoping to do Endo’s book next, Silence…” he reluctantly began. “Not hoping, we’re literally pulling all the elements together at this point”, he went on to reveal.

The novel tells the story of a Jesuit missionary facing persecution in seventeenth century Japan. Despite years of talk about the film being made, it seems the director is keen to get going on a project he is clearly passionate about. It has often been lauded as one if the ‘twentieth century’s finest novels’, so anticipation is quite naturally high for Scorsese’s involvement.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Benicio Del Toro are two of the names rumoured to be attached to the project, however it is unconfirmed whether they will be able to commit just yet.