Snoop Dogg For Fillmore Slim Biopic

In his most surprising role since he was cast as Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch, Snoop Dogg has landed the role of San Francisco pimp Fillmore Slim in a biopic called, imaginatively, The Legend Of Fillmore Slim.

Slim didn’t just have a talent for exploiting women as he was also an accomplished blues musician who played with legends Etta James, BB King and Dinah Washington in the 1950s. But in the 60s and 70s, his music took a back seat to pimping in San Francisco where he built up a stable of up to 9,000 prostitutes and rocked the streets wearing sharkskin suits and alligator skin shoes, earning the nicknames “The West Coast Godfather” and “The Pope Of Pimping”.

He was arrested in 1980 for possessing a forged passport and spent four years in jail. Upon his release, he turned back to music and has released several albums since.

Snoop bears an uncanny resemblance to Slim (in looks as well as cultivated lifestyle image), so this looks like a role that Snoop was born to play. He’s not had the greatest big scren record – Soul Plane in particular we could do with forgetting about but this might actually give a chance to show his acting chops (or alternatively, just play himself – either way).

The film was the idea of Slim’s daughter Rebecca and is being written by Carole Parker. Producer Alan Ames said in a statement “This film will span decades from Slim’s emergence as a musician, to his fascination with the fast life, through his years of incarceration and his redemption.”

The real Fillmore Slim is currently on tour.