Snyder To Get Superman Boot After Sucker Punch Slump?

zack300Unless you are a fifteen year-old boy who spends rather too much time playing computer games, you are unlikely to have been impressed by Sucker Punch. Completely misconceived, horribly immature and rather dull, it has received an absolute drubbing from the critical community and the cinema going public, and speculation is growing that the film could end up costing director Zack Snyder the biggest job of his career.

Rumours are abounding that Warner Brothers may ask Christopher Nolan – who is currently producing Snyder’s Superman reboot – to take the reigns, just six months after they gave the gig to Snyder. Many in the industry believe that Snyder was given the project on the back of the way he handled Watchmen (considered by many to be too complex to craft into one film..) despite the polarised reception it received.

David Poland of Movie City News was one of those in the industry who have speculated that the director might end up departing the production. “Next month would be the moment when Snyder ‘decides to do a more personal project,’ if he was being given the heave-ho,” the critic told MTV News.

“How involved will Nolan really be? His Batman casting is ahead of ‘Superman”s,” said Poland. “Is Nolan godfathering Snyder or just WB? Is he there to give script notes or to really assert an influence? It’s an unknown.”

“They needed Nolan in a godfather capacity, and Snyder to up the hip quotient,” added Jeff Bock, box-office analyst for entertainment-research firm Exhibitor Relations. “Snyder knows how to create a dynamic spectacle on the silver screen, as he has shown with ‘300’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ and with Nolan guiding the story process, ‘Superman’ may just be the next big thing — again.”