Sons Of Anarchy Returns To 5USA Tonight

Motorbikes, mayhem and murder would be a good way to sum up Sons of Anarchy – if you’ve never watched it. In reality SOA is far more than this, yes, it has extreme violence, sex and swearing but it also has depth, morality and a spectacular narrative based loosely around Shakespeare’s Hamlet – really. And today sees its long awaited return to 5USA, with season three premiering at 10pm.

Season three, as you might expect, picks up right where season two left off, with Half-Sack dead, Jax screaming on the docks, unable to rescue his son from Cameron’s clutches, and Gemma fleeing town after being framed for murder by evil Agent Stahl. In short, they’re in a whole heap of trouble. Season three takes place predominantly in Ireland, so expect plenty of sub-par accents, gloomy weather and more murder and mayhem. Although it’s not as addictive as the first two seasons, the third resolves many of the issues which have been hanging over the SOA from the outset.

Even if you think you wouldn’t like a brutal series about an outlaw motorcycle club in sunny California I urge you to give it a try, the first two seasons are now available on DVD and once you start watching you’ll be caught up in no time – less than a week, it really is that addictive – and ready to tune in every Wednesday at 10 to see what trouble SAMCRO have gotten themselves mixed up in now.