Sooty Secrets

The Sooty Show

Sooty is back and returning to our screens this September with a second series of The Sooty Show alongside all the Sooty gang. As he celebrates his 65th year in show business, we’re sharing some secrets about Sooty and his friends during their long-running TV career.

• Harry Corbett’s uncle was the fish and chip legend, Harry Ramsden.

• Sooty was made Mayor of Blackpool in 2000 for just one day.

• Sooty’s first TV appearances were in black and white, it was a shock when the introduction of colour television revealed Sooty was in fact yellow!

• Harry Corbett’s wife used real soot to blacken the puppet’s ears to make him look different to other teddies – resulting in the name Sooty.

• Sooty was found in a joke shop on the North Pier in Blackpool in 1948.

• Harry Corbett paid £150 a year to insure his thumb and two fingers.

• Sooty once soaked Prince Phillip with his water pistol!

• Sooty first met his current right hand man Richard Cadell when he appeared as a guest magician on the Sooty show back in 1983.

• The show is in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running children’s TV show in the world!

• Sooty is celebrating his 65 birthday tribute in lights for this year’s Blackpool illuminations.