Sorry Lads, Rosie’s Leaving Corrie..

Men who endure their girlfriend’s Coronation Street addiction for one reason alone are about to be sadly disappointed. Helen Flanagan will be tottering her way off the street next year.

After 12 years playing the intensely annoying Rosie Webster, she has had enough of the increasingly promiscuous nature of her character.

In an interview with OK magazine, she said: “I’ve played the character of Rosie for 12 years, but now I just want to be Helen. It’s time for me to be myself. I didn’t enjoy playing her when she went through a promiscuous phase, though. Luckily she shows more heart these days.”

“I realised I had to do this after taking a three-month sabbatical from April to June this year. During my time away from the Street, I felt free. One of the first things I did was cut my hair short and I dyed in bright blonde. I felt fearless and girlie. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time.”

The 22-year-old will now move in with her Swansea City footballer boyfriend of two years, Scott Sinclair.

The “fearlessâ€? Flanagan has announced that she will be using her new-found freedom to take cookery lessons in preparation for her new domestic life.

She adds: “We haven’t rushed into living together or taken it lightly. We’ve been together for two years, so we’re sure we want to live with each other.”

Does this mean that webisodes of “Just Rosieâ€? will come to dramatic denouement? And after the X Factor’s dismal weekend performance, it’s not as if ITV1 needed another catastrophic blow to audience ratings….