Spanish Eurovision Contestants Told To Lose.. á la Father Ted

Spain’s Eurovision contestant has been told to lose the competition by her government (presumably this order came right from the top) this Saturday after admitting that the cost of hosting next year’s competition could be beyond them.

Everyone laughed when Ireland chose Jedward to represent them again this year, but now it all starts to make sense.

News broke that the country was being dragged into the Euro Crisis this week and Pastora Soler (left) told Spanish radio that if she won, then she might be unpopular with a few of her countrymen. “If we won, I think it would be impossible to stage the next edition because it costs so much money,” she said. “I think it is not the moment, neither for Spain nor for the Spanish public, to win Eurovision.”

Meanwhile, directors from broadcaster TVE sent a joke message to Soler, saying: “Please, don’t win!”

This whole affair reminds us of that episode of Father Ted, where the priest and his simpleton sidekick Dougal were sent to the competition. Check out their plagiarised music video below..