Spartacus To Return To The Big Screen

spartacus210You know that famous scene that everyone knows when the Romans come looking for Spartacus and everyone stands up and says “I’m Spartacus!”? Well that’s what it’s increasingly feeling like with film and TV versions of the material.

We’ve already had the multi-Oscar winning 1960 film where the iconic line comes from, a TV movie in 2004 with Goran Visnijc in the lead role and most recently the T&A bloodbath that was the Spartacus TV series and the spin off Gods Of The Arena.

Given that the recent series bears a resemblance to a serialised 300, it’s not really a massive surprise to learn that 300 co-writer Michael B Gordon has pitched his own version of the tale to GK Films which will apparently stick more closely to its historical roots. The familiar basics will still be in place though with Sparts leading a slave revolt against the Romans between 73 and 71 BC only to be eventually put down by the Roman General Marcus Licinius Crassus.

There’s a lot to live up to – Kubrick’s 1960 original remains the definitive work although Blood And Sand has proven that it can be taken in a different (bloodier) direction. More details as they come in.