Spielberg Adds Huge A-List Cast To Lincoln

jgl210Steven Spielberg has been casting his net far and wide for his forthcoming film Lincoln. Latest to be caught in his trawler net are the welcome additions of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Hal Holbrook (last seen reminiscing in Water For Elephants), as well as Tommy Lee Jones and James “I get to shag every leading lady on screen ever” Spader.

But also caught wriggling in the nets of SS Spielberg are a whole host of other actors which have entered negotiations according to The Hollywood Reporter including John Hawkes, Tim Blake Nelson, Bruce McGill, Joseph Cross, David Costible, Byron Jennings, Boris McGiver, Gloria Reuben, Jeremy Strong, Dakin Matthews and David Warshofsky.

Lincoln already has Daniel Day Lewis in the lead role with Sally Field playing his wife, Mary Todd.

Tommy Lee Jones will play Thaddeus Stevens, a Republican congressman who campaigned to end slavery and helped Lincoln to write the legislation that helped fund the civil war. Gordon-Levitt meanwhile will play his oldest surviving son, Robert Todd Stevens. We’ve no idea what characters the others might end up playing – we’ll keep you posted.

Filming begins this autumn with the release due for December next year.