Spielberg Brainstorming New Jurassic Park

jp300Steven Spielberg has said a Jurassic Park re-boot could be on the cards after a brainstorming session with screenwriter Mark Protosevich. Heat Vision Blog reports both Spielberg and Universal emphasising discussions are ‘purely exploratory’ but who would say no to Spielberg?

Protosevich and Spielberg have been paired together before when they attempted to re-make Chan-wook Pak’s seminal Korean revenge film, Oldboy. Even Will Smith was reported to be onboard, but the production ran into right’s issues and the project was eventually shutdown.

When both Jurassic park’s visionary creator Michael Crichton and original animator Stan Winston died it was thought any idea of a series continuation went to the grave with them. If this “re-boot” comes to fruition it will be a big departure from what we’ve previously seen onscreen.

If done right Jurassic Park IV has a world of potential, let’s just hope Spielberg can see past the money-hungry Hollywood execs’ suggestions and not turn it into another tired 3D affair a la Clash of The Titans. That being said, it would be fantastic to see a 3D version of the original up on the big screen while we wait for the fourth instalment’s release.