Spielberg’s Terra Nova Axed By Fox

Steven Spielberg has been on a bit of a TV bender of late, but his prehistoric dinosaur adventure Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox after just one series.

It is thought the decision was made due to massive production costs for the show, which lost viewers as it progressed to its finale in December last year. The series – which aired on Sky One in the UK – was based around a group of people who travelled by in time by 85 million years after a population crisis hits the planet in 2149.

It initially received good reviews, yet many critics lost interest with it and complained of poor scripting and the fact that it “contained only one interesting character” (presumably one of the dinosaurs..)

But fan petitions have already sprung up on social media sites in a campaign to get a second series made after news surfaced that the producers were seeking a new broacaster.

Irish actor Jason O’Mara (above left) plays Jim Shannon, one of the lead characters in the series. He took to Twitter to break the news to fans “Bad news guys. #TerraNova has been cancelled by @FoxBroadcasting – we’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by : (”

“Thx for the immense outpouring of love & support for #TerraNova, which is currently trending worldwide [sic]”.

The announcement comes a couple of months after Fox president Kevin Reilly defended the series, saying it “was an exciting bet to take. It was worthwhile. We’re trying to figure out… If we had more holes, we’d be thrilled to lock that right in. If this is all we produce, we made money on it, the studio made money on it, and the audience enjoyed it.”

That was obviously before he saw the show’s balance sheet.