Spurlock’s Latest Film To Strike Blow Against Movie Advertising?

spurlock300After making his name as the man who discovered that a diet of nothing but fast-food was bad for you (No shit Spurlock!) the man who brought us Super-size Me has been talking about the his latest film expose The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

The director spoke of how he found it difficult to secure funding for the project, however after hearing that the film will “examine the world of marketing and advertising”, it’s difficult to feel surprised. Set to be released tomorrow, Morgan Spurlock hopes to demonstrate that branding, advertising and product placement could be used to potentially fund a whole feature film.

After his McDonalds binge of 2004, Spurlock went on to spend time in jail for the FX series 30 Days, but admitted that last month’s TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference was the scariest thing he’s ever done. “Nothing could prepare me, nothing could ready me, for anything as difficult or as dangerous, as going into the rooms with the advertising companies,” he explained.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold follows Spurlock as he searches for sponsors for his film. Through his journey, he highlights the problem of “transparency” and notes that “the idea of understanding your brand is a universal problem.”