Stallone Won’t Direct Expendables 2?

stallone210While Sylvester Stallone was always the meat of the operation that was The Expendables, it seems that he won’t be occupying the director’s chair for the gang’s second outing.

The LA Times reports that while Sly is very much involved with the project, he won’t won’t be directing it and is actively seeking other directors. On top of this, the majority of the writing work will be handed over to David Agosto and Ken Kaufman.

None of this is official though and Millennium pictures remained schtum when approached by The Times but it seems likely that most of the shooting Stallone will be doing this time round will be in front on the camera. Meanwhile, rumours are still circulating that Arnold Schwarzenegger might be up for a bigger role now that he’s done Governating California. We’d certainly love to see that.