Stanley Tucci To Star In David Yates’ First Post-Potter Film

The effortlessly likeable Stanley Tucci is in talks to star alongside Emma Watson in Your Voice In My Head, the first film by David Yates post-Harry Potter.

Watson will play a young woman who attempts suicide after she ends a relationship with a well-known journalist but is saved through counselling sessions with a terminally ill New York psychiatrist (Tucci).

It’s adapted from Emma Forrest’s memoir and is still awaiting the green light over at Warner Bros. – something that will be boosted significantly by Tucci’s commitment.

Variety has it that Warners are already sizing this up for a possible contender for the 2013 Oscars specifically the Best Actor slot. Given that Tucci was nominated for the dreadful The Lovely Bones but is a stellar acting talent, it’d be good for him to get some material he can get his teeth into. He can currently be seen as the oleaginous Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games.