Star Wars TV Series Back On Hold….Again

The end of the road for 'Star Wars: Underworld'?
Despite receiving exciting news earlier this week about the title of the new Star Wars TV series, Star Wars: Underworld, it now appears the brakes have been slammed firmly on by those at the top.

Producer Rick McCallum told Entertainment Weekly that we shouldn’t be getting our hopes up because “the world of televsion is imploding”.

This isn’t an intergalactic battle, Rick! We just want to see our favourite SW characters back in action on the small screen.

Despite dozens of finished scripts for the show, which was expected to arrive next year, there is a problem with funding that is likely to take a long time to combat.

Rick addded: “We don’t have the technology yet to be able to do it for the level of money that it would have to be done.”

Fans can expect the live action series to land in “several years”. The way it’s currently going, the whole project is looking rather dubious. Someone needs a lightsaber up their Chewbacca if you ask us.