Star Wars TV Series Named “Underworld”

The long-gestating Star Wars TV series is still alive and well it seems with producer Rick McCallum confirming to IGN that its title will be “Underworld”.

Nope, there won’t be any Kate Beckinsale vampire slaying or Mancunian underwear manufacturing going on here – what it refers to is the criminal underworld: gangsters and the like.  And with that brings bounty hunting.

“The scripts take place between episodes III and IV. It’s that twenty-year period when Luke is growing up. It’s not about Luke, but it’s about that period when the Empire is really trying to take things forward. It’s called Underworld – that’s the working title – and it’s underneath what’s going on: the criminals and the gangs that are running everything. It’s like Wall Street, and the criminals that are running the United States!”  said McCallum trying to keep it topical.

While the ideas seem valid, it’s the budget which is holding things back  – which is rapidly becoming the dominant news story of the past few months considering AkiraParadise Lost‘s and Arthur & Lancelot‘s recent hiatus due to budget worries.