Stephen Fry Joins The Hobbit!


His name’s been floating around in connection with the film for quite some time but now it’s official, as Peter Jackson has posted to his Facebook page that national treasure and all-round mega-star Stephen Fry will be in The Hobbit.

He’ll be playing The Master Of Lake-town, a town made entirely out of wood which acts as a trading post between men, dwarves and elves. He’s a cowardly and greedy type and one of the few people who isn’t overly welcome to Bilbo and his party of dwarves when they arrive on their way to the dragon Smaug’s lair.

Director Peter Jackson said, “I’ve known Stephen for several years, and we’re developing a Dambusters movie together,” writes Jackson. “In addition to his writing skills, he’s a terrific actor and will create a very memorable Master for us.”

In other news, Ryan Gage has had his part upgraded. He was originally down to the play Drogo Baggins but since impressive Jackson and co, he’s had his role increased and will now be playing The Master’s civil servant Alfrid.

Lastly, there’s Conan Stevens, a massive hulk of a man who will play an orc named Azgog. Towering over everyone at 6’6″, it’s easy to see how he landed the part. Check out the Facebook page to see him standing next to Jackson.