Stephen Fry’s Key To The City

The City of London is more rich and powerful than any other ‘borough’ in the UK, yet is a mere square mile. Stephen Fry lives just a few miles away in London’s West End, but, in some ways The City feels like a foreign country to him.

When Stephen was given The Freedom Of The City, he admits he didn’t quite know what it meant. Now, in this one-off documentary for ITV, the actor sets out to explore the square mile of The City, and to use his new status as a freeman to gain access to all areas.

One minute Stephen is standing in the heart of the Bank of England, surrounded by banknotes worth billions, the next he’s perched on the roof of Mansion House, surrounded by hives of bees.

Stephen Fry’s Key To The City airs on Tuesday 6 August at 9pm on ITV