Stephenie Meyer Ventures Down A Dark Hall

Twi-hards everywhere will be reaching for their R-Patz emblazoned hankies when the final cinematic instalment of the Twilight series comes to screens later this year.

But while one franchise winds down, yet another Stephenie Meyer brainchild is gearing up for teen domination.

Another of the novelist’s teen lit books about an alien invasion is going through post-production, with none other than Meyer herself at the helm. Now the writer-cum-producer has managed to pick up the rights to spooky tale, Down A Dark Hall.

This is no cutting edge literary accrual, the story was written waayy back before most Twilight fans’ parents were so much as a twinkle. Louis Duncan’s tale was written in 1974 and follows the adventures of a young girl named Kit. She begins her boarding school career at Blackwood school and is more than a little disturbed by the fact that she is only one of four. Cue plenty of supernatural goings-on in abandoned corridors (and possibly the appearance of a hunky, tousle-haired ghost with pale skin and a prominent jawline?).

Meyer will work with Meghan Hibbert via Fickle Fish Films and Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey is also in talks to get in on the boarding school action. But the Twilight creator is not just in it for ghosts, vampires and ripped werewolf types – she is also involved with Jerusha Hess’ new flick Austenland where Keri Russell play a woman obsessed with Pride And Prejudice who heads to a Jane Austen theme park on holiday…and then falls in love with a half-dead bloodsucker.