Steve Carell To Turn ‘Serious’ With New Film Dogs Of Babel?

steve-carrellSteve Carell is wasting no time topping up his film CV now that he is leaving The Office. As well as being set to star with Meryl Streep in David Frankel’s comedy Great Hope Springs, it has been reported that the actor/funny man is looking to make a departure from comedy in favour of something a little more serious.

Step in Dogs Of Babel, a drama by Mandate Pictures which Carell will reportedly produce as well as play the lead role in.

The film is based on the novel by Carolyn Parkhurst, which centres around the grief stricken actions of a linguistics professor who finds his wife dead in their garden, and thus sets out to discover what happened to her by attempting to speak to the only witness: his dog (yeah we know it sounds like a comedy concept, but bear with it).

However, with no current director (Todd Phillips and John Crowley were previously linked when Focus Pictures had the film), it may well be some time before we see Carell talking to his dog…