Steve McQueen To Direct 12 Years A Slave

Steve McQueen’s first film Hunger was an uncompromising film about the Irish hunger strike of 1981. The follow up, Shame (which will debut at the Venice Film Festival next month- due for UK release in 2012) will deal with a man’s struggle to overcome his sexual urges when his younger sister moves in.

His next project, 12 Years A Slave looks like it will deal with an equally difficult subject.

Variety reports that McQueen has been working on the film secretly for quite some time and co-wrote the script with John Ridley (Red Tails).

It will tell the true story of Solomon Northrup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a New Yorker kidnapped in Washington in 1841. He was transported to a cotton plantation where he was forced to work as a slave until his eventual rescue in 1853.

Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B will be producing the film and McQueen is currently looking for funding so he can get the ball rolling as he’s looking to shoot early next year.

Ejoifor last seen in Salt and 2012 signed up to play a slave in the forthcoming film Savannah with Jim Caviezel, so it’ll give him a bit of practice before he takes the the screen for 12 Years.